Soland "Flavor and life"

Ecuadoran Agricultural enterprise with production and permanent sale of pineapple to local and foreign market.

We invite you to know our Company

In 2014 SOLAND a producer and exporter family initiative is born, starting with 3 hectares, and until today we have managed to develop and grow the project substantively with 100 hectares of pineapple cultivation, our geographical area has a very favorable behavior for planting, we have a climate that provides us with facilities for the development of the plant.


We have a Global Gap certification granted by LSQA


Our commitment is sustainable and responsible production.


Our production guarantees healthy products.


We comply with quality, safety and environmental protocols.

We are a young company, but we are proud of our origins and our people, we know of their ability and we are committed to their development. We always seek the best conditions to raise quality and ensure a product that meets the strictest standards.


Why choose us?

Our Golden Pineapple have a unique flavor due to our commitment to the production and distribution process

We comply with safety, environmental and quality protocols when sorting the best fruits for shipping


Our Mission

The Soland family, is committed to producing fresh and quality fruit, to the delight of the Ecuadorian and foreign family.

Our Vision

In Soland we seek to enhance natural food, by producing fresh fruit in every city in Ecuador and the world.

We have a Global Gap certification granted by LSQA.

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