Pineapple variety MD2

Our Golden pineapples have a unique flavor due to our commitment in the production and distribution process


Characteristics of our MD2 pineapple

The highest quality and flavor Golden pineapples are produced in Ecuador by Soland "flavor and life"

Learn about our production stages

1.- Sowing stage

Sowing begins with the preparation of the soil with the appropriate equipment, then we proceed to the selection of the best seeds that we have in the areas destined for nurseries and give them the appropriate management before sowing.

2.- Development Stage

The development has to do with the nutritional management of the plant to give it a perfect development and achieve an excellent plant with the right weight and time to be INDUCED.


3.- Fruit Stage

The fruit cycle begins in week 30 with INDUCTION doing a good phytosanitary control until the subsequent 23 weeks when they are ready for harvest, the cycle from sowing to harvest takes approximately 56 weeks.


4.- Packing Stage

The packaging consists of receiving the fruit, pouring it into the pool for a good wash, then packing is done in the boxes according to the sizes required by the client, at the end the consolidation of the container with appropriate documentation.

All processes are carried out in a responsible and professional manner, from the preparation of the soil, and to the final distribution. Compliance with national and international requirements for pineapple production has led us through a certification process with the highest levels and quality standards.

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